The Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the Nottingham Post have joined forces to celebrate heroes in Nottingham who are doing amazing things for their local communities.

It is an absolute honour to sponsor the Nottinghamshire Post Heroes Awards 2018 and shine a spotlight on our unsung community champions.
In all walks of life there are people who inspire change and help other people. I’m proud to say Nottinghamshire has an abundance of these people which makes our county a very special place to live. 

As Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, I hear many tales of courage involving our own police officers and staff. However I’m well aware there are many more people saving lives and making a real difference in our communities whose efforts remain unrecognised. These people play a vital part in the health, wellbeing and resilience of local people and yet often the only reward for their efforts is personal fulfilment. 

These awards celebrate outstanding achievement and contribution, giving credit where it is richly deserved. I’m particularly proud to be sponsoring the Hero of Nottinghamshire accolade which honours the bravery of those who have fought against the odds to make a difference.

Protecting community life is at the heart of my work as PCC and I’m full of admiration for those who take positive action to improve lives whether this is motivating young people to succeed, raising money for charity or triumphing over adversity to inspire others.

As a proud community partner, we couldn’t do the job we do without the support of caring and dedicated people on the ground and from the bottom of my heart I thank these people for their amazing work.

Paddy Tipping - The nottinghamshire Police and crime commissioner