Boots UK and the Nottingham Post have joined forces to celebrate heroes in Nottingham who are doing amazing things for their local communities.

Incredibly special people are all around us – brilliant rising stars; young carers, and people providing amazing healthcare every day. From volunteers, to neighbours looking out for one another, to young people who are out and making a positive change in their location community – these awards are a brilliant way to recognise and celebrate of all this hard work.

Care for others is absolutely at the heart of Boots – and has been ever since our very first store opened in the mid-19th century. Our founder, Jesse Boot was extremely passionate about care, and particularly in his hometown of Nottingham. His business first started in the city centre offering affordable healthcare for the poor, and as it grew, he invested in improving the quality of life for people living in Nottingham, donating affordable housing, and opening green space at the University of Nottingham park.

Our passion for helping others and championing everyone’s right to feel good has continued to this day, it’s embedded into our stores and colleagues across the UK, and in particular in Nottingham, the home of Boots.

In partnership with the Nottingham Post Heroes Awards, we feel very proud to be able to help recognise the brilliant care that’s seen every day – the heroes who are doing amazing things and those who have simply added something special to the lives of people around them.